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TrickshotCat12's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 1 (From 1 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 5 Points

Block Zappers 3

level2 Unlocked 6/9/16
5 Points
Reach level two by gaining exp
level10 5 Points Reach level ten by gaining exp
level11 5 Points Reach level eleven by gaining exp
level12 5 Points Reach level twelve by gaining exp
level13 5 Points Reach level thirteen by gaining exp
level14 5 Points Reach level fourteen by gaining exp
level15 5 Points Reach level fifteen by gaining exp
level16 5 Points Reach level sixteen by gaining exp
level17 5 Points Reach level seventeen by gaining exp
level18 5 Points reach level 18 by gaining xp
level19 5 Points reach level 19 by gaining xp
level20 5 Points reach level 20 by gaining xp
level21 5 Points reach level 21 by gaining exp
level22 5 Points reach level 22 by gaining exp
level23 5 Points reach level 23 by gaining exp
level24 5 Points reach level 24 by gaining exp
level25 5 Points reach level 25 by gaining exp
level26 5 Points reach level 26by gaining exp
level27 5 Points reach level 27 by gaining exp
level28 5 Points reach level 28 by gaining exp
level29 5 Points reach level 29 by gaining exp
level3 5 Points Reach level Three by gaining exp
level31 5 Points reach level 31 by gaining exp
level32 5 Points reach level 32 by gaining exp
level33 5 Points reach level 33 by gaining exp
level34 5 Points reach level 34 by gaining exp
level4 5 Points Reach level Four by gaining exp
level5 5 Points Reach level Five by gaining exp
level6 5 Points Reach level six by gaining exp
level7 5 Points Reach level seven by gaining exp
level8 5 Points Reach level eight by gaining exp
level9 5 Points Reach level nine by gaining exp
perk 1 5 Points Buy an upgrade
perk 2 5 Points Buy an upgrade
perk 3 5 Points Buy an upgrade
perk 4 5 Points Buy an upgrade
perk 5 5 Points Buy an upgrade
perk 6 5 Points Buy an upgrade
bolt 10 Points Unlocked your first weapon
c1 10 Points Complete challenge level 1
c2 10 Points Complete challenge level 2
c3 10 Points Complete the third challenge game
comet 10 Points Unlocked your sixth weapon
explode 10 Points unlock your seventh weapon
flamer 10 Points Unlock your fourth weapon
freeze 10 Points unlock your ninth weapon
fusion 10 Points Unlock you third weapon
hell 10 Points unlock your tenth final weapon
level30 10 Points reach level 30 by gaining exp
lightning 10 Points Unlock your fifth weapon
perk 7 10 Points Buy an upgrade
perk 8 10 Points Buy an upgrade
snowball 10 Points Unlock your second weapon
ultrafusion 10 Points unlock your eighth weapon
pro 1 25 Points Complete pro 1
pro 2 25 Points Complete pro 2
level35 50 Points reach level 35 by gaining exp
sh!t Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/58 (5/460 points)